Tuesday, 10 December 2013

All I want for christmas is lush

All I Want For Christmas Is… LUSH!!
 Hey guys, so here I am posting a blog before the first on January 2014 :O, But guys I got too excited and I needed to show you all these amazing lush products I brought, before Christmas was over!!!
As many of you will be aware, Lush is now brimming with the Christmas items.
Not being such an avid lush fan last year meant that I didn't indulge in the holiday items, but I have been waiting all year (I won't lie) for the new stuff to come in so I can try it out.
I'm going to review the items I’ve tried individually, mainly because I’m not one of those people that tries to use it all up quickly in order to review them all straight away. Lush Bath time, to me, is a luxury; therefore I don't throw in a £3 bath Item every night. Ha-ha. If I had the money though, trust me, I so would.
I am going to show you what I brought and then I am going to review each Item Individually, I wanted to buy the whole shop as I love Lush so much, however it can be very expensive so I didn’t buy to much unfortunately. I only brought 4 items in total as I thought I use the shower more than a bath, here are all the items I purchased:


As you can see from the pictures above I brought a Magic Wand £4.95, Candy Mountain £2.65, Sandy Santa £4.50 and last but not least Snow Fairy £3.50. I will properly go to the Lush shop again before Christmas and pick up some bath bombs as I really want to try the Golden Wonder as It just looks so amazing, If you have used this product please let me know your opinion on this product and let me know if I should buy it or not!

NOW FOR THE REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First up, is my favorite...

The Magic wand Bubble bar!!!
This smells like snow fairy and if you haven’t tried snow fairy you will buy this and then want to buy snow fairy as snow fairy is a shower gel and smells absolutely amazing I picked it up just to join the hype, it was amazing just not as amazing AS everyone mad it out to be, but none the less I still love it.
Anyway back to the magic wand bubble bar…
This came out last year and what you do is when you run your bath you can either swirl it round your bath or hold it under the tap and it makes beautiful sweet smelly bubbles. Also you get a run for your money with the magic wand as you can use it up to 4 or 5 times quite liberally or if you were being quite lenient with it then you could properly use it for a few more times that that and it just keeps on going. This has to be one of my favorite products from lush, as it smells beautiful, it’s also very easy to use and just looks really pretty, if you haven’t tried this product yet I suggest you give it a go and let me know what you think.

RRP: £4.95

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