Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lush Review- Snow Fairy

Review: Lush Christmas- Snow Fairy 

Snow fairy is one of people’s most favorite products from Lush, I do think it is amazing I just don’t think it Is AS amazing as people make it out to be, but none the less I do still love it.
When buying a new product from lush that I have never tried before (epically if it is a shower gel or a moisturizer) then I tend to buy the smallest size available, just to test it.  If I decide I like it then ill go back and buy the bigger size. I will be doing this with Snow Fairy J
This Luxurious shower gel smells extremely sweet and reminds me a little bit like bubble gum, which properly better to use in the summer as it is more of a summer scent, however I think I may use it all year round as I love it so much :L naughty Chrisseytina aha.
 In the bottle if you closely there are small blue particles of glitter, which makes the bottle and gel look really pretty and girly and I love it.
When I tested the small bottle of snow fairy it did leave my skin after my shower very soft, I also smell of the scent that snow fairy gives off all day which was very refreshing.
It also lathers well, for all you lather freaks out there. ;)
The only thing I dislike about this product is the prices have gone up as it has become more popular and the smallest use to be £2.95 and the largest £9.95 so the prices have increased quite a lot unfortunately L these are the prices now:

100g (Small)- £3.50
250g (Medium)- £6.85
500g (Large)- £10.95

This product was made by DAVE ha-ha 

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