Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Mac Turquatic Fragrance | Beauty Review

Mac Turquatic Fragrance | Beauty Review!!!

Hello Everyone :)

A couple of weeks ago in the January sales I popped up to London and visited the MAC store.  I was only going to go in there for a cheeky browse but you know what im like (a bit naughty) sprayed there perfume and fell in love and had to buy it. i couldnt leave this bad boy behind ;) LOL
As you can see I brought this beauty, brand new MAC Turquatic and i have been delighted with it since. The MAC website describes this product as "featuring anemone, lotus, orris and corsican blue cedar" as I dont know what half these smells and describing words mean i am going to describe this product as light, feminine and sophisticated. This isnt what i would call a date night fragrance its more of a walk in town or lighting up the room as you walk into a meeting.
I can assure you this is going to be a staple piece in my collection!!

As clique as this may sound, I absolutely adore the packaging of this perfume too. Normally i hear the phrase 'Blue and Green should NEVER be seen' which basically means these colours collide. however in this case i disagree and i think the bottle does to, it beautiful.
You can buy all 3 of these products at

Turquatic 50ml | | £38.00

Turquatic 20ml | | £23.00

Turquatic Rollerball 6ml | | £16.00

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