Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Guess who I bumped into on this fine Christmas Eve…
One of Santa’s Reindeers J
It could be Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid,and Donder and Blitzen, and the most famous reindeer of all Rudolph the Red-Nose reindeer…
Anyway I saw this reindeer when I was at Garsons Farm Garden Centre, they looked beautiful as you can see, but now I want a pet reindeer aha
This reindeer looks so cheeky as well, I want one lol
Seeing this reindeer really got me more into the Christmas spirit so I have decided to show you some of my favourite things at Christmas time, hope you like them to J
I absolutely love the Costa take away cups at Christmas as they do Santa, Snowmen, Elf and Reindeer ones and I think they look really cute :)

I thought I would share with you this can because I love it soooo much. This can represents the CocaCola advert and if you haven't seen the Coca Cola advert before Christmas then your missing out as for me when I see this advert its the beginning of Christmas :)

 Throughout December I did sneak in a cheeky McDonalds, I only had a vanilla milkshake as they are my favourite, I just thought I would show you the cup as I thought it was very cute and Christmassy 
I did stop off at Winter wonderland in London, and we got really lucky in a sense, ill tell you the story, so we were walking around and we had stopped to get some food and then we saw this couple having an argument (being nosey as you do), the man stropped off and through his tickets/tokens away for the ride and she didn't pick them up either, so we waited a while to see if they would come back for them and they never did so we picked them up and guess how many they had brought, £30 pounds worth we were like OMG, so we went on a ride and then we decided to go in the ice kingdom where we saw this amazing ice sculptor and this castle had a slide on it which was pretty cool (see what I did there) made from ice. I loved it :)

Shelby stole my Christmas coke :(

At Christmas I love to put all candles for that wintery affect and these two are my favourite smelling candles at Christmas time

I brought this sandwich simply because it looked festive and was quite yummy

What are your favourite things at Christmas?