Thursday, 19 December 2013

christmas wrapping

Festive Christmas Wrapping
 My Real Christmas Tree (aint it pretty)

 Amazing Wrapping Right ;)

These are my favourite christmas decorations on our tree :)

It's that time of the year again, when we all make the dash around numerous City's and Towns searching high and low for presents and gifts for our loved ones. Last minutes Christmas shopping is the worst! I'm just going to throw this out there too, it's the one time of the year a lot more men leave their caves in one big men-mass swarm, all grunting and groaning in the shops looking for something to get their wives, girlfriends, sisters and mothers (okay, we know that's not entirely true, and some very organized and thoughtful men did their Christmas shopping in February...YEH RIGHT!) This year, I have completed my Christmas shopping AND wrapping by the 20th (not bad).

Although Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, I am one of these people that is ALL about the giving. Putting lot's of thought into people's presents, wrapping them nicely, and PRESENTing (see what I did there?) them to special people in your life is SO exciting. I always feel a great sense of satisfaction when the presents are all bought and wrapped ready for the 25th and popped under the tree.

I thought i'd share some of my wrapped presents with you, in order to get your creative juices flowing if you lack a little in that department or just to give you a few ideas!

Wrapping Paper- Wilkinson’s
Red Bag- Clintons

I hope this has inspired you, or if you just like to have a nosey at how people decorate presents, then this has fulfilled that desire for you. I'm a firm believer in how a present is wrapped is a good judge of character and says a lot about someone as a person ;) No pressure guys! 

Have you done all your Christmas shopping? Do you love giving presents as much as I do?

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