Monday, 16 December 2013

Sandy Santa

Review: Lush Christmas- Sandy Santa

This Sandy Santa is a lovely smelling body butter. It smells a bit like sun cream but a million times nicer. It brings back memories of the summer as it has a summer scent. For a body butter it is quite big and I found it really moisturised my body and left it feeling squeaky clean. I am hoping to buy more of these and stock up before the Christmas season is gone. If you want to make this product last longer then you should cut him in half as that is what I was told, however I just couldn’t, I mean look at his little face he is so cute and I didn’t want to kill Santa otherwise I would be put on the naughty list: L

This product has been made over and over again but lush has made it more beneficial for the skin. The new ingredients they have added were coconut oil and butters, this is why Sandy Santa now lasts even longer than before (some knowledge for all you regular buyers of Sandy Santa ;).  

RRP: £4.50 

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