Monday, 19 May 2014

Benefit Cosmetic- Eye Bright | | Review

Benefit Cosmetic's- Eye Bright | | Review | | Chrisseytina Beauty

Benefit's Eye Bright is definitely one of my favourite products and a 'must have' in my makeup bag. Benefit Eye Bright is a chunky, pink pencil and is a product I feel is over looked, but this product has so many amazing uses. It's really creamy so glides on the skin at ease and doesn't tug at it.

Benefit describes this product as "An instant eye brightener" and a "coffee break in a stick". I couldn't agree more, I love using this to pep up tired looking eyes. 
Benefit recommend applying this pencil on the inner and outer corners of the eye to look instantly wide awake and for best results to apply this after you have applied all other makeup.

My favourite way to use Eye Bright is to apply it to my upper and lower waterline as well as the inner corners, and to my brow bone. 

This pencil is quite pricey, however I've had this for 9 months and use it pretty much everyday, so you get your moneys worth.

Eye Bright- £15.50

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