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Review:The Body Shop-Strawberry

Review:The Body Shop-Strawberry 
Let me start by saying that I have been a huge fan of The Body Shop since I was about 13. One Christmas I got a load from family and friends, and then I became obsessed!! 
The smells are amazing & some of the products really work for me.
Today I am going to be reviewing some of the strawberry smelling products such as Strawberry shower gel and there body butter.
This review will be all my honest thoughts on personal experience's with each item.
If this isn't your kinda thing you don’t have to read it just skip to my next blog post, I don’t expect you to READ EVERYTHING!

So Lets Get STARTED!!!

 So everyone needs a shower gel in there life, Right?
This shower gel is like most shower gels in the fact that its a cleanser however in this particular shower gel it is soap free and also has cold-pressed seed oil in it. This is what makes you smell of strawberries when washing yourself with it.
In my opinion, this is a lovely shower gel, the strawberry smell isn't to strong, its easy to apply and its a reedy pinkie colour when you use it.
RRP: £4.00- 250ml

These are, in my opinion, the most famous product The Body Shop have produced. Body butters are one of my absolute must haves. I think over the period of 6 years i have had almost every scent. Beurre Corporel (Strawberry body butter) being one of my favourite.
They are rich in cold-pressed Strawberry Seed oil which can hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours.
I also think they work wonders on burnt skin as an aftersun treatment.
If you've been on holiday and you want to keep your tan lasting as long as you can, use a body butter because that works amazingly for me.
A lot of people may have issues with it feeling quite greasy if your skin int in need of a good quenching, but you can apply as little or as much as you need.
I would definitely recommend everyone to have one of these amongst their skincare stash. I will be buying these until i'm old and wrinkly (although i shan't be that wrinkly if i carry on using them ;))

RRP: £13.00-200ml

I hope you enjoyed my review or found it somewhat helpful.
There some gems in there! :)
You can find these products on the 
website or in a Body Shop shop... ha
& keep an eye out for promotions and sales as a lot of things become reduced by quite a bit, and its worth checking up, to grab yourself a bargain!

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