Thursday, 20 February 2014

Budget Buy: Vaseline Spray Ad Go | | Chrisseytina Beauty

Budget Buy: Vaseline Spray Ad Go | | Chrisseytina Beauty

Hey Everyone,
This is My Budget Buy of the month!!

Moisturising. So Blah isn't It? 
The task of moisturising is a task on its own, I hate moisturising as it takes to long, however I love that it makes my skin soft afterwards.
When Im in a rush its so hard to get the time to moisturise before leaving the house as i just find it so darn dull.
I even keep moisturisers in my shower room so when i get out the shower i have no excuse.

This is where Vaseline Spray & Go comes in, a quick spritz, almost like a body mist and your all done.

The concept bodes well with the whole lazy thing as the formula is light and easily absorbed, so clothes can be popped on pretty quickly, almost immediately.
Ive been spritzing myself in the essential moisturiser (the yellow can one) which leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.
I used to use the normal moisturiser of these and loved this, but when i discovered this bad boy, i was hooked for life.


 If you have one of these let me know what you think (I'm nosey)  

Lots of Love
XXX. Christina .XXX

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