Wednesday, 11 December 2013

40th Birthday Fanatics

40th Birthday Fanatics       

Hey guys so yesterday it was my aunties 40th birthday, so we went to a pub as you do and go shit faced aha. It was a lovely evening as I got to see a lot of my family and met some of my auntie’s friends, which was nice. She got loads of nice gifts and flowers which smelled delicious I was so gel, not gunner lie. Oh I forgot to mention her cake was AMAZING. I took a few pictures of the cake but couldn’t get the best angle as the table was really high up and I’m quite short, which in this situation was quite annoying, so sorry for the poor imagery ;)

As you can see from my amazing photographs J there is a lot of cats on the cake…
I forgot to mention my auntie owns 8 cats… Yes you read that right, 8 of them. She loves cats so much as you can tell but the main reason she has that many is because one of her cats had babies and she couldn’t get rid of them all, aww cute right?
My drunk auntie cutting her birthday cake :L 

   MUG SHOOT ( look at the creepy guy in the background) HA-ha

And yes these to glasses of mine where mine, in total I drunk about 6 large glasses of wine, which meant I was just a little bit tipsy at the end of it ;) 
Gotta love a family get together eh

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