Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Review | | MAC: Huggable Lip Colour | Chrisseytina Beauty

Review | | MAC: Huggable Lip Colour | Chrisseytina Beauty

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Here's a Review for ya ;)

Here is one of MAC's limited addition releases, which is their huggable lip colours. Unlike any of their other formulas, these glossy gel textured lipsticks are a lip product closest to a balm with an intense punch of pigment.

The tick texture really do hug the lips for hours and unlike their matte formulas that tend to separate, these fade nicely and the glossy finish they give really do make your lips look very appealing and kissable. 

This shade in the picture is called Commotion. This product is the perfect handbag bold lip, something you carry around on the go and use when needed incase you feel like amping up the colour post desk, pre-dance floor as their is no lip liner needed and no fuss.

This product is certainly one of my favourite that they offer but the bad news is there limited addition, so if you fancy getting your paws on them before they sell out there:


 If you purchase this item please let me know what you think and what colour you try out :)

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