Monday, 10 February 2014

Motivational Monday #1 | | By Christina

Motivational Monday #1 || By Christina

Hello Everyone :)

If you dont already know Its Monday guys!!
So your feeling like the weekend is miles away sitting at your desk/reading on your mobile phone on the commute/feeding the baby/not listening in class beacause Chrisseytina is so thrilling (haha).

I know the feeling. I used to go into my office with a Heavy Heart...

To help you fight this feeling, we are going to be a happy bunch of bunnies and stay motivated. We're going to embrace the week and what it will offer and bring to us.
Its going to be a good one, i can feel in my waters...where ever they may be.

As you can see from the image above i have put together my own little motivate picture with the help of the internet.

I found slogans that will inspire me and help me get through the week. These slogans really did stick in my brain.

There are so many things i want to do but often feel put off or overwhelmed by them. This week i am going to take one of them and start at the very beginning..."its a very good place to start". 
One of the main things i am going to start doing is keeping to a Exercise & Diet routine and try and stick to it as i would like to be a Size 8. 
Im not going to go into the rest because its pretty personal, but i'm glad to be starting and making a dent into my journey.

The reason i am writing this is because there might be someone else who has something they want to start but have never had the chance or time or have even been daunted by such a large task. If thats you come and hold my hand and we will all do it together, as a community.

Feel free to share the big things you are going to achieve this week or even this year below, whether its exactly what your going to do and how you are going to do it, or just that your in it with me, i'd love to hear :)

Are you about to start something big?

Have fun and enjoy it, whatever it is you maybe doing!!

Lots of Love 
XXX. Christina .XXX