Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Smokey Eye Companions

Smokey Eye Companions | | Chrisseytina Beauty  

Ready for tonight? If you're planning on sporting a smokey eye as its more your thing rather than a red lip, then keep reading this because I've gathered together all the companions you'll need to create the ultimate smokey eye look.

i'd say three brushes would be ideal. A MAC 217 shape to apply and blend the shadow, a giant fluffy brush like the Bobbi Brown Blending Brush to blend out the edges and something small for under the eye like this Kevyn Aucoin one.

Eyelash Curlers
Whether your lashes are naturally curly or as straight as a giraffes neck, eyelash curlers are a must for a smokey eye! Using lash curlers will open up your eyes and will help the curl last longer throughout the night. My all-time favourite ones are from Shu Uemura.

Eye-Shadow Primer
Ive never really come across an eyeshadow primer that doesn't work, so use whichever one you have to hand. using any type of eye primer or cream eyeshadow will give your shadow something to girl to and will prevent any fall-down or disappearing throughout the evening. 

Cotton Wool
I find cotton wool pads are really helpful when you want to prevent any sark eyeshadows from falling onto your cheeks when applying. I fold them in half and then hold them underneath my eye area whilst I blend. Cotton buds are also handy for clearing up any mistakes, especially when it comes to liquid liner!

So gather you're smokey eye kit together and you're ready for the night! Have fun on you're Night out impressing people with you're smokey eyes!!

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