Saturday, 25 January 2014

All Things Tartan

All Things TARTAN!!!
Everyone we are in 2014 (state the obvious) and Im going to tell you about the latest and most popular fashion pattern-TARTAN.
I have absolutely been loving this new trend and I have brought scarfs to playsuits to dresses all in the pattern tartan.
Tartan does remind of when I was a kind as I used to go on picnics with my auntie, granddad and sister and the blanket we used was a tartan one. I think thats another reason why I love tartan so much is because it brings back childhood memories from when I was little.
Nearly every shop has something tartan in it from Primark to Zara.
I am Loving all these tartan clothes above i think they look amazing. 
If you are think of buying some tartan clothes then the best shops to go to are,,, and

Have you got your tartan clothes yet?
You don't want to miss this crave ;)